Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Student Council
University of Toronto

Mohan Pandit

I practically live on campus and in the common room. My advice: ask questions, whenever you have them. Don稚 hesitate and worry about what others will say.
Vice Chair

Sami Khan

Your vice chair this year! If you guys have any academic concerns anytime during the school year, feel free to approach me - I dwell in Wallberg, mostly in the Common Room. Good luck!

Davis Tam

Hey! I知 a 1T2 so some you might already know me. If not, well, you値l probably see me around in the SF atrium or the common room when I知 not in class, so feel free to approach me if you have any questions or concerns!

Rachel Chow

Hey Chems! Go get involved! You meet lots of new people and it makes Skule more enjoyable. Come say hi to me when you see me around campus.
Best of luck this year!
Fund Raising Director

Chantal Hearst

"Some things happen, some things don't" ...CHE112 anyone? Feel free to find me right before or after class (you know my schedule!), I would love to hear your suggestions. Otherwise I will probably be spending every waking moment in a library somewhere on campus.
Advertising Director

Bobby Doroudiani

My names Bobby D, and I知 on fire/ I got more rhymes than the worlds got pliers/ I got more rhymes then your brain desires/ With the old school flow till my name retires/ Twenty years ago I was born and infant/ Spelt B-O double B Y no misprints/ I知 a come in here in an instant/ My sick vent I invent to spit with intent!
Good luck with your studies!
Social Director

Parnian Jadidian

Hi everyone, I知 a 1T1. I like to make people happy, to party sober, and to dance all night long! I知 in charge of organizing social events for you to get the most out of your Chem. Eng. experience. Have ideas? Find me all year in WB238. Cheers! 

Athletics Director

Damish Jaidka

Hi I am a 1T1. I am a very friendly and helpful person. I love playing badminton and my favourite sport is soccer. 鄭 challenge is hard to overcome but when you accomplish something difficult the outcome is sweeter than the gratifying taste of nectar
Common Room Manager

Stephen Pinto

I'm the guy who tries to make your life in the common room more comfortable. We've got a pop machine, a snack machine, a foosball table and a boardroom that you can book for meetings. Make the best of your resources. And feel free to talk to me at anytime. Good luck.

Samoil Vohra

Hey Chems, as the Webmaster, I will keep you updated on all events and meetings. I will also try and use the web to make your life easier by getting you organized and on top of your assignments and midterms. If you have any ideas for tournaments or .. anything, feel free to email me and I will bring it up with other execs.
3rd year Class Representative

Kelly Bryck

Hey chems! I?m the 1T1 class rep, but no matter what year you?re in, I encourage you to get involved in Skule any way you can. You?ve only got 4 years (or 5 or 6?) so make it count! You can usually find me in the atrium (when I?m not in class). Feel free to come chat anytime. I've got a bad joke and a good song for everyone!
2nd year Class Representative

George Dong

I am an 1T2, and currently enrolled in Chemical Engineering Program. Being in the right place at the right time, and doing the right thing give me a sense of accomplishment and pride. Good luck to all the engineering student!!
1st year Class Representative

Mike Burdett

Hey guys, I'm mike. I love to talk so say hi and if you got suggestions I'd love to hear them. I can't wait to make our year, 1T3, to legit to quit. See you guys around.
Honorary Member

Hasan Alkabeer

I'm not part of the executive board, but I'll be helping out with events throughout the year. I'm an 0T9 + PEY so I've been around for a while. You'll probably spot me in the common room often. If you're looking for some advice on courses or PEY feel free to come up to me and ask, I'll do my best to mislead you into making a bad decision
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