About Chemical Engineering at UofT 

Chemical engineers combine chemistry, biology, math and design to solve global challenges and create innovative processes and products. 

Here at the university, the key areas of focus include:

Engineering Opportunities

Minors and Certificates 

Engineering students may take a minor/certificate in any of the following:

Business, Leadership, Bioengineering/Biomedical Engineering, Sustainable Energy, Renewable Resources, Environmental Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, and Nanoengineering


Professional Experience Year 

PEY Co-op is a program that allows students to apply your knowledge in a 12–16-month professional internship, helping you to build relationships with employers, gain valuable professional skills and obtain professional experience before graduation.


Research Opportunities 

If you may be looking for research opportunities, faculty members are always looking for students to help out with research projects. These projects are suitable for a fourth-year thesis (CHE499Y, or ESC499Y), or a Summer Research project. 

You are also welcome to approach Faculty directly and participate in the research exchange available through the Study Abroad program.


Fourth Year Thesis

If you are interested in research, this is for you. A thesis is a research project completed under staff supervision. 

You would perform a literature review, develop a research protocol, perform the experiments and then write the report- which is the thesis.

If you are considering ChemE graduate studies, you are advised to complete a thesis as part of your program!


Academics are a big part of Skule™ life. To help you out we have course packs with past year's material for your core ChemE courses. Let your class representative or the Academic Director know if you have any questions!


Figuring out which courses to take can be a stressful time, and when the day comes to enrol, that can be stressful too. Luckily, Chem Club is here to help you navigate through it, so check out the resources below. 

If you have any questions regarding your courses & planning, contact the Academic Advisor for Chem. Eng: 

Tracey Peters 


Office: 200 College Street, Room 216C (WB216C)

Other Resources