First Years


Key locations

GB - Galbraith Building 

Registrar’s Office 

First Year Office 

KC - Koffler Students Services Centre 

U of T Bookstore 

SF - Sandford Fleming Building 

Engineering Society Office

Engineering Stores 

Engineering Communication Program

Experiential Learning Commons 

Engineering Career Centre 

CIE - Center for International Experience 

Centre for International Experience

700 Bay Street 

Health & Wellness Centre 

800 Bay Street, 5th Floor 

TCard Office

First Year Courses 

Sample TImetable

Here is a sample first-year timetable

Lectures are normal class hours. They are typically three hours per week and are taught by members of the faculty.

Tutorials give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have in a more informal and interactive atmosphere and are led by a teaching assistant (TA) who is pursuing graduate studies at U of T. 

Practicals, often known as “labs”, allow for group collaboration or working with partners depending on the course. 

First Year support team

The first-year team is filled with professionals who are here to ensure a smooth transition from high school to U of T Engineering. They will provide you with the resources you need to make decisions, as the choices you make in your first year will shape the rest of your academic career.

Some ways they provide support include:


You may find more support by visiting the First Year Office 

 Located in the Galbraith Building 

35 St. George Street, Room 170 

Toronto, ON M5S 1A4 Canada 

416-978-4625 |

Events We run Include...

Academic Review Sessions and Townhalls 

and our very own 

Chem Club Frosh Week!